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Elizabeth Sparhawk-Jones Featured in Major Exhibition at PAFA


If you missed seeing Elizabeth Sparhawk-Jones works in shared glory with many of her fellow women artist friends, have no fear! The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts Museum published a beautiful hardcover book of its magnificent exhibit, Women in Motion: 150 Years of Women's Artistic Networks at PAFA, curated by Anna O. Marley.


Alongside works by Cecilia Beaux, Mary Cassatt, Violet Oakley, and Alice Kent Stoddard (whose portrait of ESJ is included), you'll have a chance to see In Rittenhouse Square and The Market. If you are interested, the book is still available in the museum store. 

Novel in Progress: The Magic of Dead Things
How far will biographers go in the name of obsession? 


"I cannot help making fables and bitter fairy tales out of my life." Elinor Wylie

In the style of Possession for the 21st century, The Magic of Dead Things evokes the dynamic world of modern biographers where, despite technological advantages, obsession with their subject remains the key -- and a necessary danger. When three wildly different writers unknowingly research the same dazzling "madcap society poet" Elinor Wylie and her circle, they gradually become consumed by the drama and wreckage left in her wake.

As the biographers are confronted by parallels in their own lives, they begin to question their decisions and darkest impulses. Unwittingly drawn together as their stories converge, the meaning of Wylie's legacy fully enfolds altering both past and present.  

Author's Note: All biographical research regarding the life of Elinor Wylie and her circle is factual. 
The biographers, however, are fiction. 


Biographers International Organization News:

May 2024 NYC Conference Hits New Record 

Kai Bird Honored for "American Prometheus"

As I begin my second year as a member of BIO's Board of Directors, I'm catching my breath from an incredible year. From celebrating board member Kai Bird's success as the co-author behind the "Oppenheimer" book that inspired the Oscar-winning film to new highs in membership to a recent NYC conference that brought together such prestigious biographers as Megan Marshall, Jonathan Eig, Ruth Franklin, Brian Jay Jones, and Debby Applegate, it's been an exciting ride. 


If you're interested in learning more or joining BIO, find out more here. 


With BIO Board Members (me, Kathleen Stone, Heather Clark, and the indomitable Kitty Kelley) after the May 2024 Board Meeting at the New York Public Library.

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