Elizabeth Sparhawk-Jones Works Featured in Current Exhibition at PAFA

If you plan to be near the Philadelphia area before July 2022 and want to see a few Elizabeth Sparhawk-Jones works in shared glory with many of her fellow women artist friends, make a beeline for the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts Museum for one of its current exhibits. Women in Motion: 150 Years of Women's Artistic Networks at PAFA is magnificent. On view, alongside works by Cecilia Beaux, Mary Cassatt, Violet Oakley, and Alice Kent Stoddard (whose portrait of ESJ is included), you'll have a chance to see In Rittenhouse Square and The Market

It seems like every month since the publication of Elizabeth Sparhawk-Jones: The Artist Who Lived Twice, more is discovered about this ingenue of the art world whose lessons of survival, integrity, and the necessity of art touched so many readers. In November, I was invited to see the the portrait of EJS's father, Dr. John Sparhawk Jones, by William Merritt Chase, which is now in private collection. Thanks to everyone for continuing to foster her indelible legacy and share her story. 


"I cannot help making fables and bitter fairy tales out of my life." Elinor Wylie

Since the release of
Elizabeth Sparhawk-Jones: The Artist Who Lived Twice, the first in-depth look at the brilliant but tortured painter, Barbara Lehman Smith remains drawn to stories of overlooked yet influential women of the 20th century. Evoking the world of the modern biographer, she is currently at work on The Magic of Dead Things,   a novel that explores what happens when a quartet of biographers gradually become consumed by the lives of their subject, Elinor Wylie (1885-1928), the dazzling poet and free spirit of "Beauty" fame whose scandals rocked society, and her cast of lovers and frenemies.


 Novel/Biography Hybrid about "Beauty" poet in Progress