Since the release of Elizabeth Sparhawk-Jones: The Artist Who Lived Twice, the first in-depth look at the brilliant but tortured painter, Barbara Lehman Smith remains drawn to stories of overlooked yet influential women of the 20th century. Her current project wraps a group biography within a novel: THE MAGIC OF DEAD THINGS explores what happens when four fictional biographers delve into the worlds of two women in the first wave of feminism--the dazzling scandal-prone poet Elinor Wylie and the baby-faced suffragist Eleanor Taylor Marsh--and gradually succumb to the influence of their subjects over their lives.

The Indelible Legacy of 

Elizabeth Sparhawk-Jones


In the decade since the publication of Elizabeth Sparhawk-Jones: The Artist Who Lived Twice, much more has been discovered about this ingenue of the art world whose lessons of survival, integrity, and the necessity of art touched so many readers. The value of her work has tripled, new details about her life and career have been featured in magazines including Fine Art Connoisseur, and at least two new books have been written. In addition to those the author had the pleasure to meet in person during speaking events and book talks, Barbara Lehman Smith has heard from ESJ fans in Italy, Russia, and New Zealand. It also has been her pleasure to promote new acquisitions of ESJ's work at the Delaware Art Museum, Des Moines Art Center, and in private collection. Thank you to everyone who remains dedicated to fostering the Sparhawk-Jones legacy! 

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